Sustainability at Laguna Water

Laguna Water’s corporate practices are aligned with the triple bottom line business principle which measures the company’s commercial success, not only in terms of profit, but most importantly, on its positive impacts on people and the planet.

This sustainable business model is vividly stated and further elaborated in Laguna Water’s vision: “to provide the Province of Laguna with water and other environmental services which will empower people, protect the environment, and enhance sustainable development.”

The triple bottom-line approach allows the company to simultaneously advance its corporate interests along with the development of communities and the promotion of environmental protection within its territorial boundaries.

The stability and effectiveness of Laguna Water’s business framework is being supported by five pillars:

Each pillar represents a building block that when put together completes the holistic approach of the company that is reflective of a perfect alignment between its corporate goals, social and environmental objectives. Policies and processes of Laguna Water are thus crafted to incorporate interventions that ensure adherence to the triple bottom-line model. This way, Laguna Water’s corporate and environmental initiatives are simultaneously accomplished as the company implements its various projects.