Water Treatment

Raw water undergoes several treatment processes which are dependent on the sources/ inherent water quality before it passes the standards for potable water.  Water treatment may consist of the following processes: sedimentation, filtration and disinfection/chlorination.

Raw water passes through large pools called settling basins to remove dirt that sinks. Heavy particles like sand will settle at the bottom of the tanks while the clarified water will be collected.

Iron and Manganese are inherent quality issues usually encountered in groundwater sources. Thus, Laguna Water utilizes advanced filtration system which removes these elements that can hinder the disinfection/chlorination process. This system also removes other microscopic contaminants that can cause quality problems.

In some sites, we utilized filters to remove sand in our raw water where small impurities cannot pass through.

After even the smallest impurities have been removed, the water is injected with chlorine to kill any microbes or germs that may contaminate the water.

Water is now safe for drinking and is then sent to distribution by gravity and by pumping.