Water Source

One of the service obligations of Laguna Water is to provide potable drinking water to its customers in the Province of Laguna.

Laguna Water obtains 100% of its raw water from ground water sources. 92 percent of our water comes from deep wells dug at 180 meters to reach the aquifer of excellent quality. The remaining 8 percent comes from Matang Tubig Spring situated at Barangay Casile in Cabuyao City.

Deep Wells
Laguna Water has 68 Deep wells operating within the cities of Biñan, Santa Rosa and Cabuyao supplying potable water to 90,000+ customers. Most of these water systems are from the small system from the acquired subdivisions which Laguna Water has improved based on water quality, facility age and maintenance records. In addition, Laguna Water has a Centralized Distribution System composed of interconnected deep wells that runs within the three cities’ supply water with consistent water quality and pressure.

We have 27 deep wells operating in Laguna Technopark Inc.(LTI) being fed into 4 reservoir tanks supplying both domestic and industrial water for the various locators situated in the technopark.

We constantly monitor the quality and water supply of our deep well sources through scheduled maintenance activities to ensure that we are adequately abstracting water especially on dry months caused by El Niño.

Matang Tubig Spring
Matang Tubig Spring (MTS) is located at Brgy. Casile in Cabuyao City. It was completed in 1915 during the American occupation to provide water for irrigation and cooling system for the sugar estate factories. Currently, Laguna Water shares the water rights from MTS as additional water source. Water from MTS is then collected at the reservoir which is 10 km downstream at Mesaland in the city of Santa Rosa. On the latest water quality test, water from MTS is considered AA Quality as per DENR Water Standards. MTS is part of the Centralized Distribution System supplying water to the cities of Biñan, Santa Rosa and Cabuyao.