Our Company

Five years ago, the water situation in Sta. Rosa, Biñan and Cabuyao was not at its ideal state. With limited service coverage, residents in those three areas were not able to enjoy a steady supply of water, which in turn hindered them from doing daily tasks—from the mundane to the most necessary. This was further aggravated by significant system losses brought about by a run down water system.

That is why in 2009, Manila Water took it upon itself to replicate its success in the East Zone by building a partnership with the Provincial Government of Laguna (PGL) through its subsidiary, Manila Water Philippine Ventures. This effort gave birth to the establishment of Laguna Water.

Our vision is to provide the province of Laguna with water, used water and environmental services which will empower people, protect the environment and enhance sustainable development.

Our mission is to create an exceptional customer experience in the provision of sustainable solutions vital to health and life.

Integrity and Primacy of the Person
We are a company of professionals whose unique roles and individual contributions toward corporate goals provide us with concrete opportunities to develop character and purpose in our lives.

Dignity of Work
Our company rouses a sense of pride and satisfaction in the fruits of our talents and efforts, which we place at Laguna Water’s service, as part of a dynamic and well-knit team.

Pride in Excellence
We strive for excellence because turning out the highest quality products and services is the most fitting tribute to our customers and to our society, company, colleagues and ourselves.

Concern for Others
We believe that contributing to social development through the communities we serve and the natural environment that we help protect is the very essence of our corporate existence. Showing a genuine concern for the welfare of others is indispensable in the way we do our business.